Rules & Etiquette

Due to the number of children in a class, the club is run in a very strict and disciplined way so that the children can enjoy themselves without getting hurt.

There are not many rules, but these few must be strictly adhered to since all of them are for the well being and the safety of each child.

The children will not need to remember our names, as they will call us all SENSEI, meaning Teacher.

Rules - General

  1. Children must never practice or demonstrate their Judo outside of the Dojo (Judo Hall). Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be asked to leave the club immediately.
  2. Students must be respectful and courteous to everyone and always help and look after their partners.
  3. Bad language will not be tolerated either on or off the mat.
  4. If children are injured or are not well enough to actually take part in a lesson, thet may sit and watch - they still learn by watching. This will help them not to miss their grading at the end of term (see 'gradings' section).
  5. Judogi should not be worn to the session. Change when you get here not before.

Personal Etiquette

  1. Only clean bodies and Judogi (clothing) are allowed on the tatami (Judo mats)
  2. Either a Judo suit or loose fitting clothing should be worn (eg Track or jogging suit - no belt/buckles and preferably older clothes)
  3. Nothing should be worn under the jacket (males only) or on the feet, when on the Tatami, unless otherwise agreed by the Sensei (Teacher).
  4. A clean pair of flip-flops or slippers should be brought to change into before going to the edge of the Tatami.
  5. No Jewelry is allowed on the Tatami.
  6. Long hair should be tied back.
  7. Toe and fingernails should be kept short and clean.
  8. Any injury or sickness should be mentioned to Sensei before going onto the mat.

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